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J. Mark McVey -
Broadway and Beyond
Compact Disc



1. Anything Goes Real Audio
2. Something's Coming  Real Audio
3. One of The Good Guys MP3
4. Someone To Watch Over Me  Real Audio
5. This Was Nearly Mine Real Audio
6. Anthem MP3
7. Johanna MP3
8. I've Got Rhythm / Fascinating Rhythm  MP3
9. The Music of The Night MP3
10. Lucky To Be Me MP3
11. That Old Devil Moon  Real Audio
12. Bring Him Home  Real Audio


I would like to say thanks to mom and Dad for being the cornerstone of my foundation that keeps me in touch with reality. To my partners in crime, Denny and Wayne, for all the hoops you jumped through, and for your collective genius. To Christy, Diana and Dana for thier patience, and for letting the boys go out and play. To joan, for without your generous contribution, I wouldn't be thanking anyone. To Ellie for your ears, hope this is cookies for them! To all of you who purchased the CD, for supporting the arts, and allowing me to share the many gifts God has given to all connected with this project, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Mostly, I thank God, for without His guidance this project would not be.

- J. Mark McVey

Executive Producer:

Marimack Productions, inc.


J.Mark McVey


Wayne Abravanel
Denny Chandler


Wayne Abravanel


Piano - Wayne Abravanel, Hubert (Tex) Arnold
Bass - Sean Smith
Drums - Rex Benincasa
Guitar - Scott Kuney, Greg Utzig
Strings - Roxanne Bergman, Marilyn Reynold, Sander Strenger, Jenny Strenger, Sandra Robbins, Clair Bergman, Maxine Neuman, Vivian Israel, John Beal
Harp - Nina Kellman
Trumpet - Joe Mosello
Trombone - John Rojak, Howard Prince
French horn - Peter Reit, Paul Riggio
Woodwinds - Robert Debellis, Ron Kozak, Denis Anderson, Sheryl Henze, Matt Sullivan, John Campo


Denny Chandler


David Rodgers
Joan Marcus


Ryan Hardiman Design

Recorded at:

Chandler Audio, Inc., Huntington, WV;
Westrax, Unique Recording, Milrose Music, NYC.

Mastered by:

Philip Klum at Master Cutting room, NYC





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