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J. Mark McVey -
If You Really Knew Me (The Music of Marvin Hamlisch)
Compact Disc


1. Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows  MP3
2. Nobody Does it Better  MP3
3. The Way We Were  MP3
4. One  MP3
5. The Last Time I Felt Like This  MP3
6. Ordinary Miracles  MP3
7. What I Did For Love  MP3
8. If You Remember Me  MP3
9. "Fallin"  MP3
10. I Finally Found Someone  MP3
11. Ice Castles  MP3
12. One Song  MP3
13. Dreamers  MP3
14. If You Really Knew Me  MP3
15. I Cannot Hear The City  MP3

Welcome to my tribute to Marvin Hamlisch. I hope you enjoy listening to it, but first, I want to tell you why I decided to create it.

This project began as a thank you to Marvin. It quickly became a labor of love.

Many years ago, my first professional job as an actor was in a show called "They're Playing Our Song." This show, composed by Mr. Marvin Hamlisch, helped to determine my fate.

Later, I met Marvin at an audition for his concert tour. In the dozen years since then, we have come to know each other very well. Marvin's gifts for composing are limitless. But, more than that, he is one of the hardest working entertainers in the industry. He is also one of the nicest and funniest! I am honored to call him my friend.

Though I may never be able to return his kindness and generosity, I am thrilled, by his trusting me, to present this compilation CD. I hope, in some small way, this project honors him and the gifts of song he has given to the world. God bless you Marvin!

Okay! Now listen to the CD. Enjoy! Oh, and by the way, please tell all your friends!

 - J. Mark McVey

The first time I heard J. Mark McVey sing, he was starring in "Les Mis" on Broadway. His voice was incredible. I said to myself, "He's special." I was right.

Mark is one of those gifted entertainers who can not only sing lots of different types of songs, but miraculously he makes them sound like the composer wrote each song especially for him.

That's why I am so honored to have this compilation CD of my songs (the first one, by the way) performed by Mark.

As you'll know doubt experience for yourselves, as you listen to one song after another - He's special!

- Marvin Hamlisch

A Special thanks, to my wife Christy and daughter Grace, for you are everything to me. Thanks to Joe, Barry, Wayne, Keith, Michael, Troy, Mark, Larry and Jamie for all the hard work. And, last but not least, thanks to my great family and friends for your love and support. May God bless us all!


Marvin Hamlisch

Executive Producer:

J. Mark McVey


Joseph Baker
J.Mark McVey

Arrangers / Orchestrators:

Marvin Hamlisch
Wayne Abrevanel
Michael Gibson
Keith Herrmann
Barry Levitt
Torrie Zito

Music Directors / Conductors:

Wayne Abrevanel
Keith Herrmann
Barry Levitt

Music Contractor:

Michael Keller

Rhythm Section:

Piano - Lee Musiker
Bass - Jeffrey Ganz, Vince Fay
Drums - Clint De Gannon
Guitar - David Spinozza
Percussion - Joe Cardello

Solo Musicians:

Piano - Marvin Hamlisch
(Tracks 2,7 and Bonus)
Female Vocalist - Christy Tarr-McVey
Alto Sax - Vincent Della Rocca
Flute - Tim Reis
Violin - Jonathan Dinklage
Slide Guitar - John Putnam
Flugle Horn - Larry Lunetta
Vibraphone - Mark Sherman


Concert Master - Belinda Whitney
1st Violin - Regis Iandiorio, Cecelia Hobbs Gardner, Carol Pool, Ann Labin, Sylvia D'Avanzo, Winterton Garvey, Nancy Reed
2nd Violin - Paul Woodel, Jan Mullen, Avril Brown, Karen Karlrud, Melanie Baker, Sandy Billingslea
Viola - Vincent Lionti, Richard Brice, Juliet Haffner, Ardith Holmgrain
Cello - Mark Shuman, Stephnie Cummins, Ellen Westermann, Anik Oulianine
Bass - Bill Sloat
Harp - Grace Paradise
Flute - Brian Miller, Vinny Della Rocca, Bob Keller
Oboe - Bill Meredith, Jim Roe
English Horn - Melanie Feld
Clarinet - John Minasse, Tony Brackett, Lino Gomez
Bassoon - Ron Janelli, Frank Santagata
French Horn - Kate Dennis, Chris Komer, Peter Schoettler, Lisa Pike
Trumpet - Tom Hoyt, Bob Millikan, Tony Kadleck
Trombone - Jim Pugh, Randy Andros, George Flynn
Tuba - Morris Kainuma
Tympani - Jim Baker
Percussion - Jim Saporito

Children's Choir:

Jon Dickerson
Even Dickerson
Marcus Edghill
Jessica Flatto
Nick Flatto
Gloria Frey
Angela Hartman
Jennifer Moderow
Alexandra Roberts
Christel Walker


Troy Halderson

Recorded At:

Clinton Recording Studios. NYC

Mastered By:

Baker Boys Music, NYC
Mark Christianson @ Engine Room


Sam Holden, Joe Henson

Graphic Design:

Threshold Communications




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