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J. Mark McVey -
One Among Few
Compact Disc


  1. The Smile You Give Away  MP3
  2. Precious Father  MP3
  3. A Child of God  MP3
  4. Wild Flower  MP3
  5. Amazing Grace  MP3
  6. One Among Few  MP3
  7. A Simple Song  MP3
  8. There is a Fountain  MP3
  9. The Lord's Prayer  MP3
10. Let The World Know  MP3
11. Someone Was Here  MP3



A special thanks to Jim and Myra McVey, Denny Chandler, Wayne Abravanel and Phil Hall, for their love and support of this project.

When I listen to this collection of songs I'm filled with a sense of Joy and centered strength. Enveloped in the comfortable surroundings of my roots. It is my sincere hope, that as you listen, these songs will bring you the comfort and strength necessary to face the world!

 - J. Mark McVey



Executive Producers:

J. Mark McVey


Wayne Abravanel
Denny Chandler


J. Mark McVey
Wayne Abravanel
Denny Chandler

Engineered by:

Denny Chandler
Chandler Audio, Inc.


Keyboard / Synth Orchestration - Wayne Abravanel


Guitar - James Whited


Bass - Ray Salyers


Drums - Dewey Frye



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